5 HVAC Tips That Saves You Money

Let’s face it, heating and air conditioning repair can cost you pain in your pocket. You can’t afford your HVAC equipment to stop from working and the truth is, HVAC systems works throughout the year. May it be the hot summer weather or the cold winter nights that bites you, we just rely on them. So what’s the best way to prolong HVAC equipment life? There’s only one answer – proper maintenance.

Proper and regular maintenance can bring your HVAC repair cost by up to 40%. And extend your machine’s life of up to 15 years.

On this post, we’ll give you five of the most useful maintenance tips that you can try to make sure that your HVAC works long-life, efficient and productive. The best thing about these tips, it helps you save money too.

Here are five tips that you should be doing starting today:

  1. Always check for clogs and debris on your HVAC

The first and most efficient way to do proper maintenance on your HVAC equipment is to check for clogs and debris on its critical parts such as drain pipe, tubes, filters, and even vents.

Clogs and debris can cause:

  • Disruption in you air flow (preventing your HVAC from working efficiently).
  • Dirty vents and tubes can pollute your home.
  • Clogged drain pipes can damage your Air Conditioning unit.
  • Dirty filters pushes your equipment to work harder and spend more energy.
  • Clogs and debris can shorten the life of your HVAC since it invites rusts and other formations.

Clean your machine by using a vacuum or a brush. Make sure to clean with dry materials first before soaking up your equipment with warm water and finish again by using dry cloth. The standard cleaning process should be dry-wet-dry.

  1. Replace your filters for heating and cooling units

Dirty filters is not helping you save money. It pushes your HVAC equipment to work up to 10% more whenever they are dirty and clogged. Replacing your filter with new air filters (disposable or not) can help you increase your units performance.

Question: how often to change furnace filter? Replace your filters at least every 45 days. Though some experts would say that you can use the same filters for 90 days max, it is still advised to replace your filter with just over a month period for better maintenance.

  1. Give your system a random holiday

If you really want to save extra money in your HVAC use, then plan your system’s random holiday. Resting your heating and cooling system randomly can extend your equipment’s life. For example, if you have an AC in your home and the temperature inside is manageable, you can opt not to use your AC for a period and give it a rest. Save from energy consumption and save money.

  1. Seal your home from outside heat

During the summer heat, the warm temperature can travel inside your home even if you close down and seal everything. When that happens, you AC equipment pushes hard to cool your space and it can skyrocket your energy bills.

To make sure that your home space helps in the cooling process, use thick curtain or blinds to stop the hot temperature from coming inside. Also try gradients and treatments for your glass windows.

While during winter seasons, as long as the snow is manageable, pullback these home curtains and let the warm sun come in at your doorsteps to put heat on your space. Saves you energy and money again.

  1. Invest on thermostats for better control

If you really want to manage the performance of your HVAC equipment, you have to learn how to manage and control its performance. With the help of thermostat devices, you can control the temperature and even let your machine manage everything on its own.

Having thermostat for your equipment helps you save hundreds of dollars every year. Giving your equipment efficiency and sustainability at the same time.