Get started with Spiralizing

If you have yet to hear of spiralizing, you must have bene living under a rock. This new trend has recently taken the world by storm, and it only looks set to continue with more spiralizers coming out each week. They now have a spiralizer for everyone, you can get a simple hand held device for under £10, or you can spend closer to £100 for something a bit fancier.

If you are looking to be a little healthier this summer, or you want to add some pizzazz to a strict, intolerance induced diet, spiralizing is sure to be an easy way to do it.


There are so many options when it comes to spiralizing food, but the easiest vegetable to start with is definitely the courgette. Easy to spiralize, easy to cook! Most start with courgettes, because they can help you build the foundations you need to continue to spiralizing glory. You can simply spiralize the courgette and eat it raw as courgette noodles – this can be added to anything from simple wraps to your favourite spaghetti dish, delicious.

Because you eat them raw, spiralized veggies can take a lot of time and stress out of cooking, if you are low on time, or low on enthusiasm, spiralize your way to a great meal instead. You can even spiralize all of your veg on a Sunday and store them in flatstacks in your fridge – minimal space, maximum taste.


Inspiralizehave a great recipe for carrots, and you can either serve them raw, roast them, sauté them or boil them (experiment with each to find out which texture is your favourite).

If you choose to sauté, add some Moroccan seasoning to lightly caramelize the noodles, add some almonds for crunch, and some raisins for sweetness and boom, a perfect side dish to your protein rich main, which if you store in flatstacks in your fridge, will keep for a week.


If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, what better than a spiralized apple dish from cooking light?

Toss your spiralized apple in lemon, sauté pecans and oats with some butter, sugar and cinnamon. Add the remaining cinnamon to some greek yoghurt, and then stir in your sautéed mixture. The perfect dessert or snack for under 200 calories per  serving.

These should be more than enough to get your taste buds excited, let us know what your favourite spiralized dishes are in the comments!