Oak Hardwood Flooring – Aspects to Take into Consideration

The distinct and unique look of oak flooring just creates an ambiance of warmth and elegance to any room. It also poses to be a top seller in the flooring industry. Oak flooring will also add more value to your home and can be seen as a great investment for a lot of years. According to your budget, you can opt for solid oak flooring or engineered hardwood oak.

wood flooring

wood flooring


  1. Appearance:

Oak flooring always looks like a million dollars! Oak flooring spells

style in capital letters! U can choose between a wide variety of tones which vary from a grey-type of white to a darkish brown colour. Your personal taste and the rest of your home’s interior will be the deciding factor when you choose the shade. Oak flooring always adds a special flair to the appearance of any room. It is never flashy, but classy indeed!

  1. Durability:

Oak flooring poses to be very durable and compared to other wood flooring is tough against damage like scratches. Oak wood’s grain is compact and tight which poses to give it some natural resistance to general wear and tear. Should you consider going for the unfinished oak wood it is advisable to use a finish of good quality. This will ensure that your oak floors will look brand new over a long period.

  1. Increased Value:

Installing oak flooring in your home will increase your property’s value. This could be a great investment when you want to sell in the future.

  1. Cost-effectiveness:

Due to the fact that oak hardwood is generally available, it is an affordable flooring option, whilst it adds value too.

  1. High Traffic Areas

Oak flooring can handle heavy pressure in your home’s high traffic   areas, in comparison with some other hardwood flooring options.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Weather-adaptability

It is easy to keep clean and oak flooring is adaptable to harsh changes in the weather.


  1. Fading:

Over a period of time oak flooring tends to fade, particularly the areas beneath the windows. Areas which are exposed to sunlight regularly will also fade. To assist in preventing the fading, it is advisable to opt for finished oak flooring with a quality finish. However, the fading process will just be slowed down by this pre-caution and can’t be avoided completely.

  1. Spillages:

Oak flooring doesn’t handle spills well due to the fact that it will absorb liquid. If spillages occur, clean it promptly and be careful particularly with oil.

However, there is no perfect flooring and when weighing the pros and cons, the outcome is clear. The pros outweigh the cons in our opinion.

Eventually oak flooring gives you quality for your money. In general it ranks in the middle of the hardwood flooring’s price range. However, it must be said that oak flooring’s quality can be compared to other highly esteemed hardwood flooring options.

If properly maintained, oak flooring can last a lifetime!