Top Vacuuming Rules for Clean Carpets

Keeping your carpet clean starts with routine vacuuming. It’s the best and most efficient way to maintain the life of your carpet because it’s the first line of defense against dirt, hair, grime, germs, and all of the other impurities and contaminants that can become trapped in the fibers. But it’s also important to do the job correctly, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and the carpet can start to show signs of aging from frequent foot traffic and other wear and tear.

So before you pull that trusty vacuum cleaner out of your closet take a second to review these rules that every homeowner should know when it comes to carpet cleaning. The work you put in now will pay off later on with beautiful results.

Vacuum Often

The good news is that your vacuum cleaner doesn’t pose any threat to your carpet if you use it a lot. You’re not going to wear down the pile and you’re not going fade the color. In fact, the more you vacuum, the better it is for the health of your carpet. It’s also highly beneficial for you and your family because you won’t be inhaling the particulate and impurities that can build up. Vacuuming basically eliminates dirt and other loose matter that are resting on the top surface of your carpet pile. If you don’t vacuum for even a short period of time, those particles and grime can be pushed down into the pile every time someone walks over it. So get to vacuuming as often as you can and this will keep your carpet clean.

Routine Maintenance

It helps to set a weekly or even daily schedule for vacuuming your carpets. One of the most important rules for vacuuming is to turn your attention to those high traffic areas first and give them daily attention. The parts of your carpet that don’t see as much foot traffic can probably be vacuumed twice a week. If there are rooms or hallways that aren’t used very often, vacuum those portions only once a week. Only you know how much traffic goes through your home, that includes humans and pets, and for homes with indoor dogs and cats, you may want to vacuum frequently in order to clean up the dander and hair that can be left behind.

Proper Vacuum Care

Your vacuum works most effectively when it can do the job unhindered. That means keeping your vacuum in proper working order by cleaning the filters out every 30 days. If the filters are clogged, your vacuum can’t provide enough suction to clean up everything that’s been left behind on your carpet. The same goes for emptying the bag or the cup in which all of the dirt is collected. When the vacuum is full it loses suction and nothing more can be swept up. So when your bag or collection cup is about 3/4’s full, empty it. That way nothing will spill out to cause a bigger mess and your vacuum will always be working at the height of its performance.